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a narrow line on the surface along which
it has split without breaking apart;

to break something so that it does not separate,
but very thin lines appear on its surface;

a sudden sharp or explosive noise

a crack, seam, crevice
a crack, seam, crevice

chink, crack, crevice, interstice
chink, crack
crevice, interstice

crack, chink, crevice, gap, interval
crack, chink, crevice
gap, interval

to break, crack; rend, split, rip open
to break, crack
to rend, split, rip open

to explode, burst, crack
to explode, burst, crack

crack of thunder, sudden peal of thunder
crack of thunder
sudden peal of thunder


crack, rift, cleft, fissure, flaw
crack, rift, cleft
fissure, flaw

to crack, strike, prevail
to crack
to strike
to prevail

break a code, crack the code
break a code
crack the code

crack with front teeth; crack something between the teeth
crack with front teeth
crack something between the teeth

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