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credit, credibility
the quality of being trusted and believed in;
reliance on the truth or reality of something;

a method of paying for goods or services at a later time

buy or sell on credit
buy or sell on credit

accounts, debts, credits
debts, credits

charge to an account, buy or sell on credit
keep account
track spending
charge to an account
buy or sell on credit

swipe card; tap card; place card; charge with credit card
to swipe card
to tap card
to place card
charge with credit card
(compare with paying cash)

honesty, credibility, personal integrity, sincere and trustworthy
personal integrity
sincere and trustworthy

credibility; reputation; good reputation; accountable credit; honorable standing
good reputation
accountable credit
honorable standing

loyalty and justice, credibility and morality, faith and righteousness
loyalty and justice
credibility and morality
faith and righteousness

reliable, trustworthy, dependable; credible and reliable; honest and dependable
credible and reliable
honest and dependable

credit; merit; contribution; praiseworthy achievement
praiseworthy achievement

approve, accredit, positive strokes, give credit to someone
to approve
to accredit
positive strokes
give credit to someone

win credit for; strive to excel; make a good showing
win credit for
strive to excel
make a good showing

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