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attractive, adventurous, and full of confidence

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handsome; dashing, smart-looking
dashing, smart-looking

charming; stylish dashing; casual and elegant; dashing and refined; handsome and charming
stylish dashing
casual and elegant
dashing and refined
handsome and charming

heroic bearing; bright and valiant look; dashing and spirited posture
heroic bearing
bright and valiant look
dashing and spirited posture

manly form; dashing look; heroic posture; brave appearance; majestic appearance
manly form
dashing look
heroic posture
brave appearance
majestic appearance

acute spirit; dashing spirit; determined urge
acute spirit
dashing spirit
determined urge

graceful bearing; elegant demeanor; dashing appearance; prepossessing manners
graceful bearing
elegant demeanor
dashing appearance
prepossessing manners

rakish; smart and witty; pretty and playful; dashing and jaunty; lively and delightful
smart and witty
pretty and playful
dashing and jaunty
lively and delightful

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