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pass from physical life

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to die, flee, dead, lost, gone
to die
lost, gone

death; dead; to die
to die

life and death; live or die
life and death
live or die

birth, age, disease, and death; the four miseries or sufferings in the course of human life in Buddhism
birth, age, disease, and death
(Buddhism) the four miseries,
or sufferings in the course of human life

to die, perish
to die
to perish

die, perish, pass away
die, perish, pass away

to pass; be gone; die, pass away
to pass
to be gone
to die, pass away

a will; testament; dying words; last will and testament
a will
dying words
last will and testament

die young, die prematurely
die young
die prematurely

to die; to finish, to end
to die
to finish, to end

death; to die; to end
to die
to end

die young, die untimely
die young
die untimely

to die; dead; death
to die

death; to die or pass away
to die or pass away

die a martyr; sacrifice one's life for
die a martyr
sacrifice one's life for

martyrdom; death of a martyr
death of a martyr

national martyr; political martyr; martyr of revolution
national martyr
political martyr
martyr of revolution

die young; die prematurely; national mourning
die young
die prematurely
national mourning

national martyr; national mourning; one who dies for country; martyr to the national cause
national martyr
national mourning
one who dies for country
martyr to the national cause

get killed; die violently
get killed
die violently

die-hard; tenacious life; having nine lives; life is very tenacious; having the devil's own luck
tenacious life
having nine lives
life is very tenacious
having the devil's own luck

cat with nine lives; a die-hard person; a person who survived all the time
cat with nine lives
a die-hard person
a person who survived all the time

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