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a disagreement or argument;
argue about something

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dispute, compete for; contend, strive, vie
to dispute, compete for
to contend, strive, vie

to quarrel; wrangle; dispute
to quarrel
to wrangle
to dispute

dispute, quarrel; boisterous, uproarious
dispute, quarrel
boisterous, uproarious

dispute, quarrel; right and wrong
dispute, quarrel
right and wrong

dispute power; contest the strength; match strength with
dispute power
contest the strength
match strength with

to mediate; intercede; intervene
to mediate
to intercede
to intervene

resolve; reconcile; settle disputes
to resolve
to reconcile
settle disputes

reconcile; settle a dispute out of court
settle a dispute out of court

compromise; happy medium; satisfactory compromise; settle a dispute by mutual concession
happy medium
satisfactory compromise
settle a dispute by mutual concession

to argue; to dispute
to argue
to dispute

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