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expect, expectation
regard something as likely to happen;
a strong belief that something will happen

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to hope, expect; to yearn, long for
to hope, expect
to yearn, long for

long for; wish for; yarn for; hope for; anticipate; look forward to; await expectantly
long for
wish for
yarn for
hope for
to anticipate
look forward to
await expectantly

to hope, expect; wish for; long for; yearn for; look forward
to hope
to expect
wish for
long for
yearn for
look forward

people's expectations; widespread admiration
people's expectations
widespread admiration

hope, expect; wish for, yearn for
hope, expect
wish for, yearn for

wish for love; yearn for romantic love; expecting spring breeze
wish for love
yearn for romantic love
expecting spring breeze

hope; wish

to hope, expect; wish, desire
to hope, expect
to wish, desire

to expect; anticipate
to expect
to anticipate

expect, expectation; anticipate; await eagerly; look forward to
expect, expectation
to anticipate
await eagerly
look forward to

to hope; expect; anticipate; have expectations
to hope
to expect
to anticipate
have expectations

win credit for; strive to excel; make a good showing
win credit for
strive to excel
make a good showing

to think; hope, expect
to think
to hope, expect

aspire; longing for; looking forward; yearning expectation
longing for
looking forward
yearning expectation

to wish, expect; will, mind, intention
to wish, expect
will, mind, intention

to expect, anticipate
to expect, anticipate

want, desire, intend; longing, long for; expectation
to want, desire, intend
longing, long for

fulfill one's desire; satisfy one’s expectations
fulfill one's desire
satisfy one’s expectations

gratifying; fulfilling expectations
fulfilling expectations

wait; expect
to wait
to expect

to expect; long for; hope for anxiously
to expect
to long for
hope for anxiously

expect; expect anxiously
to expect
expect anxiously

surely, truly, as expected
surely, truly, as expected

to suppose, expect
to suppose, expect

to one's surprise; contrary to one's expectation
to one's surprise
contrary to one's expectation

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