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extremely beautiful and delicate

exquisite; dedicate and beautiful
dedicate and beautiful

fine, good, exquisite, beauty, beautiful, pretty
fine, good, exquisite
beauty, beautiful, pretty

fair and exquisite; fine and beautiful
fair and exquisite
fine and beautiful

refined, exquisite, top-grade, fine
refined, exquisite
top-grade, fine

delicate, elaborate, exquisite, refined, refined

exquisite and delicate; delicately small and pretty; wrought and sophisticated
exquisite and delicate
delicately small and pretty
wrought and sophisticated

fine, exquisite, detailed
fine, exquisite, detailed

superb, masterly and skillful, exquisite and consummate
masterly and skillful
exquisite and consummate

exquisite and delicate; wonderful and ingenious
exquisite and delicate
wonderful and ingenious

exquisite handicrafts; excellent workmanship
exquisite handicrafts
excellent workmanship

good taste; stylish taste; exquisite taste; bearing and taste of a person
good taste
stylish taste
exquisite taste
bearing and taste of a person

exquisite; tinkling of jades; clever and nimble
tinkling of jades
clever and nimble

exquisite, fine and delicate, delicate and beautiful
fine and delicate
delicate and beautiful

exquisite dancing, wonderful dancing
exquisite dancing
wonderful dancing

nice, good, pure, virtuous, exquisite, glorious, charming for women
nice, good
pure, virtuous
exquisite, glorious
charming for women

ethereal beauty; exquisitely beautiful
ethereal beauty
exquisitely beautiful

graceful, gracious; exquisite, excellent; admirable, respectable
graceful, gracious
exquisite, excellent
admirable, respectable

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