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a man or boy;
a person in the same position,
involved in the same activity,
or otherwise associated with another

a fellow; vulgar person
a fellow
vulgar person

a servant, a fellow, a guy
a servant
a fellow, a guy

boy; buster; young fellow
young fellow

nice guy, good fellow
nice guy
good fellow

charitable person; kind hearted and benevolent fellow
charitable person
kind hearted and benevolent fellow

lucky guy, lucky fellow
lucky guy
lucky fellow

iron-willed fellow; man of firm principle
iron-willed fellow
man of firm principle

heroes, doughty warriors, good brave fellows
doughty warriors
good brave fellows

fellows; same generation; same level with
same generation
same level with

god of plague, a fellow who brings disaster to mankind
god of plague
a fellow who brings disaster to mankind

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