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towards the front;
onward so as to make progress;
in the direction that one is facing or travelling

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front, forward, before

proceed, go ahead, move forward
to proceed
go ahead, move forward

go forward, forge ahead, stride forward
go forward
forge ahead
stride forward

to advance; press onward; push forward; drive on boldly
to advance
press onward
push forward
drive on boldly

stride forward, march forward, pushing forward steadily, advance with big strides
stride forward
march forward
pushing forward steadily
advance with big strides

surge forward of waves, gallop and leap, roll on in waves, roaring and thunderous
surge forward
(of waves)
gallop and leap
roll on in waves
roaring and thunderous

advance bravely; go straight ahead; march fearlessly onward; march forward courageously
advance bravely
go straight ahead
march fearlessly onward
march forward courageously

to extend, stretch forward
to extend, stretch forward

ability to foresee, far-seeing wisdom, prophetic intelligence, the forward-looking vision
ability to foresee
far-seeing wisdom
prophetic intelligence
the forward-looking vision

suggest, suggestion; put forward for consideration
put forward for consideration

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