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glutinous rice

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Chinese words for Food, Cooking, Eating

glutinous rice; sticky rice
glutinous rice
sticky rice

glutinous rice tamale
glutinous rice tamale

Zongzi, rice dumplings, glutinous rice tamale, sticky rice dumplings
rice dumplings
glutinous rice tamale
sticky rice dumplings

oil rice; glutinous oil rice; Chinese sticky rice
oil rice
glutinous oil rice
Chinese sticky rice

fermented glutinous rice, sweet fermented rice
fermented glutinous rice
sweet fermented rice

rice cake; New Year cake
rice cake
New Year cake

Mochi, sticky rice cake, Japanese rice cake
sticky rice cake
Japanese rice cake

tangyuan; glutinous rice ball; balls of glutinous rice; sweet rice dumplings
glutinous rice ball
balls of glutinous rice
sweet rice dumplings

Lantern Festival, Feast of Lanterns
glutinous rice ball
Lantern Festival

round dumplings made from glutinous rice flour
round dumplings
made from glutinous rice flour

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