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go, leave
to go
to leave

don't go; don't leave; don't go away
don't go
don't leave
don't go away

to go, takeout, takeaway - food, meal from restaurant
to go
(food, meal from restaurant)

to go, move, walk, travel; to do, act, carry out
to go, move, walk, travel
to do, act, carry out

to act; to do; to go; to move; take action
to act
to do
to go
to move
take action

go forward, forge ahead, stride forward
go forward
forge ahead
stride forward

go to war, go into battle, go on a expedition, set out for an expedition
go to war
go into battle
go on a expedition
set out for an expedition

Go for it; cheer up in a game
Go for it!
cheer up in a game

advance bravely; go straight ahead; march fearlessly onward; march forward courageously
advance bravely
go straight ahead
march fearlessly onward
march forward courageously

go toward; depart, bound for
go toward
depart, bound for

round trip; go to and fro; come and go; go there and back; travel to and fro between
round trip
go to and fro
come and go
go there and back
travel to and fro between

to go, top, up, upper, summit on
to go
up, upper
summit on

go to, get to, leaving for
go to
get to
leaving for

to go, take, proceed
to go, take, proceed

priority; go first; precedence
go first

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