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having or showing grace or elegance;
moving in a smooth, relaxed, attractive way

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graceful (1-character)

graceful bearing









graceful in manner; refined and stylish; elegant and graceful; polished and charming
graceful in manner
refined and stylish
elegant and graceful
polished and charming

decorous; noble and graceful; elegant and good taste
noble and graceful
elegant and good taste

classically elegant; refined and elegant; elegant and graceful
classically elegant
refined and elegant
elegant and graceful

handsome and elegant; refined and good-looking; attractive and graceful
handsome and elegant
refined and good-looking
attractive and graceful

refined; elegant; cultured; refined taste and manners; graceful and stylish in manner
refined taste and manners
graceful and stylish in manner

gentle and quiet; graceful and quiet
gentle and quiet
graceful and quiet

graceful demeanor; charming and pretty; ethereal and beautiful
graceful demeanor
charming and pretty
ethereal and beautiful

graceful dancing; dance elegantly; lithe and graceful dance; twirling, dancing wonderfully
graceful dancing
dance elegantly
lithe and graceful dance
twirling, dancing wonderfully

delicate and pretty; refined and graceful
delicate and pretty
refined and graceful

graceful and pretty; elegant and beautiful; beautiful handwriting
graceful and pretty
elegant and beautiful
beautiful handwriting

graceful; agile and supple; soft and beautiful; lithe and graceful bearing
agile and supple
soft and beautiful
lithe and graceful bearing

agile and brisk; quick and nimble; brisk and energetic; supple and graceful
agile and brisk
quick and nimble
brisk and energetic
supple and graceful

flowing elegance; elegant and graceful; possessing natural grace
flowing elegance
elegant and graceful
possessing natural grace

gentle and pretty; supple and beautiful
gentle and pretty
supple and beautiful

elegantly; gracefully; dance lightly
dance lightly

feminine charm; graceful poise; graceful bearing; charming appearance
feminine charm
graceful poise
graceful bearing
charming appearance

graceful bearing; elegant demeanor; dashing appearance; prepossessing manners
graceful bearing
elegant demeanor
dashing appearance
prepossessing manners

fine deportment; graceful bearing; elegant demeanor; refined appearance
fine deportment
graceful bearing
elegant demeanor
refined appearance

charming and graceful; fascinating and charming; various elegant demeanor; every playful sexual attraction; all different kinds of flirtatious expressions
charming and graceful
fascinating and charming
various elegant demeanor
every playful sexual attraction
all different kinds of flirtatious expressions

graceful and attractive; charming of a woman
graceful and attractive
charming of a woman

graceful and pretty; elegant and beautiful
graceful and pretty
elegant and beautiful

neat and beautiful; graceful and comely
neat and beautiful
graceful and comely

sylphlike; fair and graceful; pretty and graceful; slender and graceful
fair and graceful
pretty and graceful
slender and graceful

jade girl; flawless girl; pure and graceful girl
jade girl
flawless girl
pure and graceful girl

pure heart; graceful mind; beautiful heart of woman
pure heart
graceful mind
beautiful heart of woman

graceful and poised; elegant and poised; composed and dignified
graceful and poised
elegant and poised
composed and dignified

graceful and generous; composed and tolerant; elegant and magnanimous; tolerant magnanimous mind
graceful and generous
composed and tolerant
elegant and magnanimous
tolerant magnanimous mind

graceful bearing; elegant demeanor; graceful and elegant bearing in a person
graceful bearing
elegant demeanor
graceful and elegant bearing in a person

good example; graceful bearing; elegant demeanor; impressive and likable bearing
good example
graceful bearing
elegant demeanor
impressive and likable bearing

natural and graceful; poised and dignified; elegant and composed
natural and graceful
poised and dignified
elegant and composed

graceful looks; aesthetic appearance; elegant and tasteful
graceful looks
aesthetic appearance
elegant and tasteful

be grateful; feel graceful; to appreciate; gratitude, appreciation; to be grateful or thankful for
be grateful
feel graceful
to appreciate
gratitude, appreciation
to be grateful or thankful for

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