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physically attractive in a traditional, male way

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handsome (1-character)



handsome boy; handsome guy; good-looking young man
handsome boy
handsome guy
good-looking young man

handsome and charming
handsome and charming

charming, stylish dashing, casual and elegant, dashing and refined, handsome and charming, elegant and unconventional, prepossessing and unrestrained
stylish dashing
casual and elegant
dashing and refined
handsome and charming
elegant and unconventional
prepossessing and unrestrained

tall and handsome; towering and handsome; handsome and upstanding
tall and handsome
towering and handsome
handsome and upstanding

handsome, spirited and handsome, energetic and handsome
spirited and handsome
energetic and handsome

tall and handsome; superior and great; pre-eminently talented
tall and handsome
superior and great
pre-eminently talented

pretty and charming; charming and elegant; attractive and intelligent; handsome and attractive
pretty and charming
charming and elegant
attractive and intelligent
handsome and attractive

handsome and elegant; refined and good-looking; attractive and graceful
handsome and elegant
refined and good-looking
attractive and graceful

talented and superior; handsome and refined; intelligent and remarkable
talented and superior
handsome and refined
intelligent and remarkable

handsome, good-looking

bodybuilding, strong and handsome, healthy and handsome
strong and handsome
healthy and handsome

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