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form a mental image or concept of

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to imagine; visualize; fantasize; have vision of
to imagine
to visualize
to fantasize
have vision of

to dream; to daydream; indulge in a daydream; imagine as in a dream
to dream
to daydream
indulge in a daydream
imagine as in a dream

to dream; have a dream; have a pipe dream; fantasize about; indulge in daydreams; imagine the occurrence
to dream
have a dream
have a pipe dream
fantasize about
indulge in daydreams
imagine the occurrence

dreamland; land of dreams; an imagined and unrealistically ideal world
land of dreams
an imagined and unrealistically ideal world

fairyland; wonderland; beautiful place; imagined ideal place; imaginary home of fairies
beautiful place
imagined ideal place
imaginary home of fairies

science fiction
science fiction

unimaginable, impossible to imagine, beyond comprehension
impossible to imagine
beyond comprehension

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