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speak to or treat with disrespect or scornful abuse

to insult, humiliate
to insult, humiliate

humiliate with food handout; mortify with charity giving
humiliate with food handout
mortify with charity giving

bully, insult, fool, deceive
to bully, insult
to fool, deceive

insult, bully
to insult
to bully

irritate, hurl a verbal insult
to irritate
hurl a verbal insult

pass, cross, traverse, intrude, insult, bully
to pass, cross, traverse
to intrude, insult, bully

to slander, defile, smear, insult
to slander, defile, smear, insult

revenge an insult; blot out a disgrace; wipe out a humiliation
revenge an insult
blot out a disgrace
wipe out a humiliation

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