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the quality of being good and deserving praise;
deserve or be worthy of reward or punishment

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merit, achievement; effectiveness, capability
merit, achievement
effectiveness, capability

credit; merit; contribution; praiseworthy achievement
praiseworthy achievement

merit and virtue; achievement and virtue; charitable and pious deeds
merit and virtue
achievement and virtue
charitable and pious deeds

achieve distinction; make contributions; perform deeds of merit; render meritorious service
achieve distinction
make contributions
perform deeds of merit
render meritorious service

triumphal feast; victory meeting; celebrate a heroic deed; celebrate a success or victory
triumphal feast
victory meeting
celebrate a heroic deed
celebrate a success or victory

merit; achievement; accomplishment

merits, honors; meritorious services; meritorious achievements
merits, honors
meritorious services
meritorious achievements

decoration; medal of honor
medal of honor

glorious battle achievement; meritorious military service
glorious battle achievement
meritorious military service

rightfully earned; deserve it worthily; merited and deserved
rightfully earned
deserve it worthily
merited and deserved

merit; strong point; good qualities; worthy qualities
strong point
good qualities
worthy qualities

like father like son; as the father's merit; like the style of the father
like father like son
as the father's merit
like the style of the father

to merit, deserve, worth it, worthy of
to merit
to deserve
worth it
worthy of

chant the praises of; sing somebody's merits
chant the praises of
sing somebody's merits

praise; show the merits of
to praise
show the merits of

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