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quick and light in movement or action

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agile, nimble, quick; clever, smart
agile, nimble, quick
clever, smart

agile; adroit; nimble; quick and light in movement; able to move quickly and easily
quick and light in movement
able to move quickly and easily

agile and brisk; sturdy and nimble; athletic nimbleness; vigorous and nimble
agile and brisk
sturdy and nimble
athletic nimbleness
vigorous and nimble

express; fast, quick; agile, nimble, prompt
fast, quick
agile, nimble, prompt

neatly skillful; light and delicate; deft and dexterous; nimble in movements
neatly skillful
light and delicate
deft and dexterous
nimble in movements

agile and brisk; quick and nimble; brisk and energetic; supple and graceful
agile and brisk
quick and nimble
brisk and energetic
supple and graceful

light handed; nimble and skillful; dexterous and ingenious
light handed
nimble and skillful
dexterous and ingenious

agile; nimble; flexible; good flexibility
good flexibility

clever and witty; nimble and quick-witted; clever and fast in response
clever and witty
nimble and quick-witted
clever and fast in response

well-executed; behave neatly; in a neat way; agile and nimble
behave neatly
in a neat way
agile and nimble

deft hand; quick worker; nimble-handed person; perform a task with promptness
deft hand
quick worker
nimble-handed person
perform a task with promptness

scud; fast runner; fleet-footed; nimble and fast on one's feet
fast runner
nimble and fast on one's feet

exquisite; tinkling of jades; clever and nimble
tinkling of jades
clever and nimble

exquisite; fine and delicate; delicate and beautiful; clever and nimble; bright and intelligent
fine and delicate
delicate and beautiful
clever and nimble
bright and intelligent

nimble, swift, agile
nimble, swift, agile

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