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present, gift

gift, present, ceremony, courtesy, etiquette
gift, present
courtesy, etiquette

gift, present

gift, present, souvenir

gift shop
gift shop

to pack, packing, wrap up, to package
to pack
wrap up
to package

souvenir; present on visiting; souvenir giving as a present
present on visiting
souvenir giving as a present

send a gift, give a present, present a gift
send a gift
give a present
present a gift

handsel; congratulatory present; gift of congratulation
congratulatory present
gift of congratulation

honorarium, gift as thanks, present for appreciation, acknowledgement of thanks
gift as thanks
present for appreciation
acknowledgement of thanks

dedicate to, offer, donate, display, present, donate respectfully
dedicate to
to offer, donate
to display, present
donate respectfully

blessed gift, present a gift
blessed gift
present a gift

present, show, submit to a superior, present to a superior
to present
to show
submit to a superior
present to a superior

dedicated to; respectfully present; present something respectfully
dedicated to
respectfully present
present something respectfully

give for free; present a gift
give for free
present a gift

present as a gift; offer food to a superior
present as a gift
offer food to a superior

to present, make a present of, convey, transport, deliver
to present
make a present of
to convey, transport, deliver

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