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have a heated argument or disagreement

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to quarrel; wrangle; dispute
to quarrel
to wrangle
to dispute

dispute, quarrel; right and wrong
dispute, quarrel
right and wrong

quarrelsome lovers; destined sweetheart; one's destined love
quarrelsome lovers
destined sweetheart
one's destined love
(Chinese slang)

dispute, quarrel; uproar, clamor, noise
dispute, quarrel
uproar, clamor, noise

to quarrel; strife; litigate among brothers
to quarrel
to strife
to litigate
(among brothers)

quarrel, cause of a quarrel; grudge, feeling of animosity
quarrel, cause of a quarrel
grudge, feeling of animosity

a quarrel, dispute, rift
a quarrel, dispute, rift

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