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realize (1-character)

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realize (Chinese words)

to enlighten; awake to Zen; come to realize; realize the truth
to enlighten
awake to Zen
come to realize
realize the truth

to sense, realize, awaken, wake up, become aware
to sense, realize
to awaken, wake up
become aware

to understand, comprehend, know, realize
to understand
to comprehend
to know, realize

to solve, explain; realize, understand
to solve, explain
to realize, understand

to realize, understand; to awake, rouse
to realize, understand
to awake, rouse

to realize, reach, attain; successful, eminent, distinguished
to realize, reach, attain
successful, eminent, distinguished

reward, payment, to fulfill, realize, exchange friendly
reward, payment
to fulfill, realize
to exchange friendly

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