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morally correct;
morally right or justifiable

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righteous person, morally right or justifiable people
righteous person

loyalist; righteous man; chivalrous person; high-minded person
righteous man
chivalrous person
high-minded person

righteous deed, act of justice, chivalrous act
righteous deed
act of justice
chivalrous act

loyal and righteous, faithful and virtuous, loyalty and righteousness
loyal and righteous
faithful and virtuous
loyalty and righteousness

righteous and courageous
righteous and courageous

volunteer military; army of volunteers; righteous and courageous troops
volunteer military
army of volunteers
righteous and courageous troops

do boldly what is righteous; act bravely for a just cause; rise gallantly to the occasion
do boldly what is righteous
act bravely for a just cause
rise gallantly to the occasion

insist on the righteous cause; choose what is good and hold fast to it
insist on the righteous cause
choose what is good and hold fast to it

just and honorable; frank and righteous; open and aboveboard; upright and open-minded; aboveboard and straightforward
just and honorable
frank and righteous
open and aboveboard
upright and open-minded
aboveboard and straightforward

fairness, righteous, just and right, fair-and-square
just and right

lofty and elevated, noble and respectable, righteous and honorable
lofty and elevated
noble and respectable
righteous and honorable

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