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move about or travel aimlessly or unsystematically

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to tour, travel; roam, saunter
to tour, travel
to roam, saunter

to roam; rove; wander; travel around
to roam
to rove
to wander
travel around

traveling around; roaming around; wandering about
traveling around
roaming around
wandering about

to roam, stroll, saunter; travel, ramble, excurse
to roam, stroll, saunter
travel, ramble, excurse

to roam; travel freely
to roam
travel freely

travel around the world; roam all over the world
travel around the world
roam all over the world

to stroll, ramble, roam
to stroll, ramble, roam

window-shopping; roam around  the streets
roam around the streets

to stray, to roam; to walk back and forth; hesitating, unsettled
to stray, to roam
to walk back and forth
hesitating, unsettled

to stroll, roam; walk slowly; hang around; linger at a place
to stroll, roam
walk slowly
hang around
linger at a place

roam about; wander about; lead a vagrant life; stray from place to place
roam about
wander about
lead a vagrant life
stray from place to place

roving about, drifting about, roaming about, wandering about, blown by the wind, lead a wandering life
roving about
drifting about
roaming about
wandering about
blown by the wind
lead a wandering life

to wander, roam, loiter; dissipated, wanton, debauched
to wander, roam, loiter
dissipated, wanton, debauched

ronin, wandering samurai
wandering samurai

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