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Chinese words for Food, Cooking, Eating

to roast, bake, to dry, warm by a fire
to roast, bake
to dry, warm by a fire

baking, roast coffee beans
roast (coffee beans)

to bake, toast, roast
to bake
to toast
to roast

to roast, bake; toast, broil; grill, barbecue
to roast, bake
to toast, broil
to grill, barbecue

B-B-Q, barbecue, roast meat
roast meat

roast chicken
roast chicken

roast duck, Peking roast duck
roast duck
Peking roast duck

roast pork; barbecued pork; Cantonese BBQ pork
roast pork
barbecued pork
Cantonese BBQ pork

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