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rules (1-character)

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rules (Chinese words)

law, rule; method, way
law, rule
method, way

law, rule, regulation
law, rule

rule, regulation
rule, regulation

rules, regulations; standard, norm, criterion
rules, regulations
standard, norm, criterion

rules, discipline, age, era, epoch
rules, discipline
age, era, epoch

a chapter, rules, regulations
a chapter
rules, regulations

rules, regulations; orders, procedures
rules, regulations
orders, procedures

square, rule, regulation, pattern
rule, regulation, pattern

arrow target, rule, law, institution
arrow target
rule, law, institution

an example serving as a rule or warning
an example serving
as a rule or warning

to rule, control, take charge of
to rule, control, take charge of

to pacify, to rule, govern
to pacify
to rule, govern

to rule, govern, preside
to rule, govern, preside

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