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salt, salty, salted
a white crystalline substance which gives seawater
its characteristic taste and is used for
seasoning or preserving food;

tasting of, containing, or preserved with salt;

seasoned, cured, or otherwise treated with salt

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rock salt
rock salt

spiced salt; pepper and salt; Chinese cuisine with Spicy Salt
spiced salt
pepper and salt
Chinese cuisine with Spicy Salt

salty; salted

salted vegetables; pickled vegetables
salted vegetables
pickled vegetables

salted fish; dried and salted fish; fish both dried and salted
salted fish
dried and salted fish
fish both dried and salted

salted egg; marinated egg; salted duck egg
salted egg
marinated egg
salted duck egg

pickled mustard tuber; hot pickled mustard tuber
pickled mustard tuber
hot pickled mustard tuber

to salt, pickle; preserve with salt
to salt, pickle
preserve with salt

bacon; salted meat; brined meat; preserved meat; marinaded meat; cure meat by salting
salted meat
brined meat
preserved meat
marinaded meat
cure meat by salting

ham; gammon

cured meat; preserved meat; salted and smoked meat
cured meat
preserved meat
salted and smoked meat

salted black beans; black bean sauce; fermented black soybeans
salted black beans
black bean sauce
fermented black soybeans

smoked plum; pickled plums; dried salted plum
smoked plum
pickled plums
dried salted plum

five flavors: sweetness 甜, sourness 酸, bitterness 苦, peppery hotness 辣, and saltiness 鹹
five flavors

sweetness 甜
sourness 酸
bitterness 苦
peppery hotness 辣
saltiness 鹹

taste; sense of taste; sensation of taste; basic tastes: sweetness 甜, sourness 酸, saltiness 鹹, bitterness 苦, and umami 鮮
sense of taste
sensation of taste
basic tastes:
sweetness 甜
sourness 酸
saltiness 鹹
bitterness 苦
umami 鮮

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