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give something in exchange for money

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to sell; the sign For Sale
to sell
For Sale (sign)

to sell; to vend; For Sale; offer for sale
to sell
to vend
For Sale
offer for sale

For Sale; to be bought; offered for purchase
For Sale
to be bought
offered for purchase

sell; sale
to sell


auction; sell at auction; sale by auction
sell at auction
sale by auction

trade; buy and sell
buy and sell

hot sales; hot selling; best seller
hot sales
hot selling
best seller

takeout, takeaway; takeout of food; calling for food delivery
takeout of food
calling for food delivery

to sell, vend, peddle, resell; a pedlar, seller of goods
to sell, vend, peddle, resell
a pedlar, seller of goods

to sell; vend; peddle
to sell
to vend
to peddle

stallman; stall keeper; street vendor
stall keeper
street vendor

fishmonger; dealer in fish; a person sells fish for food
dealer in fish
a person sells fish for food

food truck
food truck

buy; sell; seek; angle for; seek, try to gain
to buy
to sell
to seek
angle for
seek, try to gain

to sell; market; consume
to sell
to market
to consume

sales and marketing
sales and marketing

sales promotion; sales campaign; promotional activity
sales promotion
sales campaign
promotional activity

bestselling; booming sale; sale briskly; in great demand; selling in greater quantities
booming sale
sale briskly
in great demand
selling in greater quantities

gift shop
gift shop

chain store; franchise store
chain store
franchise store

a merchant; to sell, afford; engage in trade
a merchant
to sell, afford
engage in trade

trade; buying and selling
buying and selling

profit; financial gain
financial gain

buy or sell on credit
buy or sell on credit

charge to an account; buy or sell on credit
charge to an account
buy or sell on credit

sell or buy alcoholic drinks
sell or buy alcoholic drinks

sell grain
to sell grain

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