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feeling that something is the case;

a faculty by which the body
perceives an external stimulus;

one of the faculties of
sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch

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to feel, sense; a sense, feeling, sensation
to feel, sense
a sense, feeling, sensation

sense of security
sense of security

sense of humor
sense of humor

the sixth sense
the sixth sense

feel and respond; telepathy; communication of thoughts by means supernatural senses
feel and respond
communication of thoughts
by means supernatural senses

to feel; to sense; feeling; sensation
to feel
to sense

to sense, realize, awaken, wake up
to sense, realize
to awaken, wake up

hearing; auditory sense; sense of hearing
auditory sense
sense of hearing

vision; sense of sight; visual perception
sense of sight
visual perception

sense of taste, sensation of taste, basic tastes: sweetness 甜, sourness 酸, saltiness 鹹, bitterness 苦, and umami 鮮
sense of taste
sensation of taste

sweetness 甜
sourness 酸
saltiness 鹹
bitterness 苦
umami 鮮

olfaction, sense of smell
sense of smell

tactile sense; sense of touch
tactile sense
sense of touch

illusion; hallucination; optical illusion
optical illusion

thought, sense, will, mind, intention
thought, sense
will, mind, intention

realize; sense, feeling, awakening; conscious, consciousness
to realize
sense, feeling, awakening

common sense; general knowledge
common sense
general knowledge

sense of beauty; esthetic sensibilities; aesthetic perception
sense of beauty
esthetic sensibilities
aesthetic perception

honor and shame; sense of honor and shame
honor and shame
sense of honor and shame

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