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resolve or reach an agreement
about an argument or problem

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set up




to settle, arrange; to edit, collate; to order, subscribe; to book, reserve; make reservation
to settle, arrange
to edit, collate
to order, subscribe
to book, reserve
make reservation

to solve; settle; resolve; straighten out
to solve
to settle
to resolve
straighten out

resolve, reconcile; settle disputes; restore friendly relations between
to resolve
to reconcile
settle disputes
restore friendly relations between

reconcile; become reconciled; settle differences; amiable settlement; settle a dispute out of court; reach an amiable settlement
become reconciled
settle differences
amiable settlement
settle a dispute out of court
reach an amiable settlement

compromise; happy medium; satisfactory compromise; settle a dispute by mutual concession
happy medium
satisfactory compromise
settle a dispute by mutual concession

to settle
to settle

to set; to fix; certainly
to set
to fix

take root; strike root; settle down in a place
take root
strike root
settle down in a place

settle down; live peacefully; live in peace
settle down
live peacefully
live in peace

achieve; become, settled; complete, completed; accomplish, accomplished
to achieve
become, settled
complete, completed
accomplish, accomplished

have a family; take a wife and establish a family; settle down and get married of a man
have a family
take a wife and establish a family
settle down and get married of a man

finish, settle
finish, settle

to cook; to settle, manage; take care of
to cook
to settle
to manage
take care of

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