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sign (1-character)

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sign (Chinese words)

sign, omen, phenomenon
sign, omen, phenomenon

omen; augury; sign in fortune telling
sign in fortune telling

trace, track, sign; footprint, vestige
trace, track, sign
footprint, vestige

mark, sign, label; indicate, symbolize
mark, sign, label
to indicate, symbolize

record; write down; mark, sign
write down
mark, sign

strip of cloth; advertising sign
strip of cloth
advertising sign

to sell; the sign For Sale
to sell
For Sale (sign)

tablet; sign hung above a door; board with an inscription
sign hung above a door
board with an inscription

mark, sign, number for identification
mark, sign, number
(for identification)

code; a sign or thing indicating number
a sign or thing indicating number

the ninth of the ten Heavenly Stems 天干
the ninth of the ten Heavenly Stems 天干

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