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having an acid taste like lemon or vinegar

sour, acid

sauerkraut, pickled cabbage, sour mustard-green, fermented Chinese cabbage
pickled cabbage
sour mustard-green
fermented Chinese cabbage

plum syrup, syrup of plum, black plum juice, sour plum soup, sweet-sour plum juice
plum syrup
syrup of plum
black plum juice
sour plum soup
sweet-sour plum juice

hot and sour soup; sweet and sour soup; tom yum soup
hot and sour soup
sweet and sour soup
tom yum soup

sweet-and-sour, sugar and vinegar, especially of Chinese-style food
sugar and vinegar
(especially of Chinese-style food)


decayed, rotten, stale, rancid, spoiled, soured, to turn sour
decayed, rotten, stale, rancid, spoiled, soured
to turn sour

five flavors: sweetness 甜, sourness 酸, bitterness 苦, peppery hotness 辣, and saltiness 鹹
five flavors

sweetness 甜
sourness 酸
bitterness 苦
peppery hotness 辣
saltiness 鹹

sense of taste, sensation of taste, basic tastes: sweetness 甜, sourness 酸, saltiness 鹹, bitterness 苦, and umami 鮮
sense of taste
sensation of taste

sweetness 甜
sourness 酸
saltiness 鹹
bitterness 苦
umami 鮮

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