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make great efforts to achieve or obtain something

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strive (1-character)




to strive, efforts, endeavor, try hard, great effort, exert oneself, make great efforts
to strive
try hard
great effort
exert oneself
make great efforts

endeavor, strive for, make efforts in, devoted oneself to, bend one's efforts for
to endeavor
to strive for
make efforts in
devoted oneself to
bend one's efforts for

win credit for; strive to excel; make a good showing
win credit for
strive to excel
make a good showing

to strive, fight vigorously, struggle vigorously, strenuous efforts, painstaking efforts, work at one's upmost, great efforts to achieve
to strive
fight vigorously
struggle vigorously
strenuous efforts
painstaking efforts
work at one's upmost
great efforts to achieve

exert oneself; strive resolutely; roused to action; work energetically; push for something
exert oneself
strive resolutely
roused to action
work energetically
push for something

pragmatic, strive for pragmatism
strive for pragmatism

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