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strongly and solidly built of a person or their body

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sturdy (1-character)

strong; sturdy; robust; brawny; vigorous

growing sturdily, maturing well, sturdy and vigorous, grow up healthy and strong
growing sturdily
maturing well
sturdy and vigorous
grow up healthy and strong

sturdy; robust; vigorous; healthy and strong; strong and vigorous
healthy and strong
strong and vigorous

vigorous; strong and healthy; sturdy and healthy
strong and healthy
sturdy and healthy

tough and strong; brave and strong; staunch and strong; resolute and sturdy; unyielding and tough
tough and strong
brave and strong
staunch and strong
resolute and sturdy
unyielding and tough

tough and tensile; firm and tenacious; sturdy and durable; tenacious and strong
tough and tensile
firm and tenacious
sturdy and durable
tenacious and strong

sturdy and rectitude; upright and principled; honorable and upright
sturdy and rectitude
upright and principled
honorable and upright

perseverance; sturdy and perseverant; tough and determined; resolute and steadfast
sturdy and perseverant
tough and determined
resolute and steadfast

agile and brisk; sturdy and nimble; athletic nimbleness; vigorous and nimble
agile and brisk
sturdy and nimble
athletic nimbleness
vigorous and nimble

brawniness; strong and sturdy; muscular and healthy
strong and sturdy
muscular and healthy

solid foundation; firm and sturdy; thorough grounding; practice and progress
solid foundation
firm and sturdy
thorough grounding
practice and progress

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