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showing gentleness, kindness, and affection;

of food easy to cut or chew

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soft, supple; gentle, mild; soft and tender
soft, supple
gentle, mild
soft and tender

soft; mild; gentle; tender; delicate

tender feelings; tender passion; tender affection; soft and sentimental
tender feelings
tender passion
tender affection
soft and sentimental

tender; gentle; sweet-natured; warm and tender; soft and gentle; showing a mild, kind, or tender temperament
warm and tender
soft and gentle
showing a mild, kind,
or tender temperament

warmth; tender sentiments; warm-heartedness
tender sentiments

mortal love; tender regards
mortal love
tender regards

love; romance; tender passion; tender sentiment; close relationship between two people in love with each other
tender passion
tender sentiment
close relationship between
two people in love with each other

love, romance; have a tender feeling towards; feel attached to someone/something
love, romance
have a tender feeling towards
feel attached to someone/something

tender regards; feeling of liking; love and affection
tender regards
feeling of liking
love and affection

passionate; emotional; sentimental; prompted by feelings of tenderness, sadness, or nostalgia
prompted by feelings of
tenderness, sadness, or nostalgia

tender-hearted; kind and honest; treats with kindness; virtuous and sincere; decent and magnanimous; generous and tender-hearted
kind and honest
treats with kindness
virtuous and sincere
decent and magnanimous
generous and tender-hearted

sincere and honest; sincere and tender-hearted; kindhearted and good-natured
sincere and honest
sincere and tender-hearted
kindhearted and good-natured

tender; soft and delicate
soft and delicate

tender and delicate
tender and delicate

young and tender; tender and delicate; soft and immature; lacking experience
young and tender
tender and delicate
soft and immature
lacking experience

fair and tender; soft and delicate
fair and tender
soft and delicate

fair and tender; rosy and delicate of facial skin
fair and tender
rosy and delicate
(facial skin)

fresh and tender - texture of food
fresh and tender
(texture of food)

tender; slender; graceful

pretty and charming; delicate, tender, and lovely; pampered, lovable and fragile
pretty and charming
delicate, tender, and lovely
pampered, lovable and fragile

delicately pretty; tender and lovely; fragile and beautiful; fascinatingly beautiful
delicately pretty
tender and lovely
fragile and beautiful
fascinatingly beautiful

tender and beautiful; delicate and attractive; charming and gorgeous
tender and beautiful
delicate and attractive
charming and gorgeous

love and pity; show fondness for; show tender affection
love and pity
show fondness for
show tender affection

die young; die prematurely; young and tender
die young
die prematurely
young and tender

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