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experience or be subjected to
something unpleasant or arduous

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to undergo; experience; go through; come to pass
to undergo
to experience
go through
come to pass

adventure; daring experience; undergo adventures
daring experience
undergo adventures

to engage, manage, undergo, experience, pass through
to engage, manage
to undergo, experience
pass through

to undergo; experience; go through; curriculum vitae; one's past experience
to undergo
to experience
go through
curriculum vitae
one's past experience


to experience; experience personally; firsthand experience; personal experience; learn through practice
to experience
experience personally
firsthand experience
personal experience
learn through practice

endure; survive; put up with; undergo difficulties; live through hardships
to endure
to survive
put up with
undergo difficulties
live through hardships

have been there before, an experienced person, one having gone through
have been there before
an experienced person
one having gone through

to bear; endure; sustain
to bear
to endure
to sustain

bear hardships; suffer hardships; endure hardships; have a rough time; live through hardships
bear hardships
suffer hardships
endure hardships
have a rough time
live through hardships

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