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surprising or strange things are likely to happen

suddenly, unexpectedly
suddenly, unexpectedly

recollect suddenly; look back suddenly; call to mind unexpectedly
recollect suddenly
look back suddenly
call to mind unexpectedly

complete, finish
to complete, finish

fortuitous; occasionally; unexpectedly; happening by chance
happening by chance

wonderful serendipity; relationship entered unexpectedly
wonderful serendipity
relationship entered unexpectedly

fortuitous meeting; wonderful adventure; unexpected pleasant encounter
fortuitous meeting
wonderful adventure
unexpected pleasant encounter

meet unexpectedly
meet unexpectedly

casual meeting, meet unexpectedly, unexpected meeting
casual meeting
meet unexpectedly
unexpected meeting

come across; meet unexpectedly
come across
meet unexpectedly

chance encounter; bump into somebody
chance encounter
bump into somebody

come across, meet someone unexpectedly
come across
meet (someone) unexpectedly

discover, discovery, find unexpectedly
to discover
find unexpectedly

life is impermanence; impermanence of life
life is impermanence
impermanence of life

dark horse; whom little is known but unexpectedly wins
dark horse
(whom little is known but unexpectedly wins)

win by surprise, defeat opponent by surprise move, seize victory through surprise attack, win victory through unexpected moves
win by surprise
defeat opponent by surprise move
seize victory through surprise attack
win victory through unexpected moves

quirky, unorthodox, nonconformist, unconventional, uniquely new type, different and special, peculiar and unexpected
nonconformist unconventional
uniquely new type
different and special
peculiar and unexpected

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