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not restrained or restricted

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unrestrained (1-character)

freely, comfortable, unrestrained, unrestricted, as one wishes, at ease with oneself, the mind free from delusion
as one wishes
at ease with oneself
the mind free from delusion

free and easy; take one's ease; leisurely and carefree; free and unrestrained
free and easy
take one's ease
leisurely and carefree
free and unrestrained

uninhibited; unrestrained; untrammelled; unselfconsciously; without restraint; not trammeled
without restraint
not trammeled

no taboo; unrestrained; without restriction; reckless and carefree
no taboo
without restriction
reckless and carefree

forthright; bold and generous; unrestrained and frank; outspoken and straightforward
bold and generous
unrestrained and frank
outspoken and straightforward

liberal and unconstrained; vigorous and unrestrained; virile and unconventional
liberal and unconstrained
vigorous and unrestrained
virile and unconventional

charming; stylish dashing; casual and elegant; dashing and refined; handsome and charming; elegant and unconventional; prepossessing and unrestrained
stylish dashing
casual and elegant
dashing and refined
handsome and charming
elegant and unconventional
prepossessing and unrestrained

brighter future; wide sea and sky; broad as the sea and sky; unrestrained and far-ranging
brighter future
wide sea and sky
broad as the sea and sky
unrestrained and far-ranging

prodigal son
prodigal son

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