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the regard that something is held to deserve;
consider someone or something to be important or beneficial

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value highly




to worth, value, price
to worth
value, price

price, value

value; worth

appraise, evaluate, estimated cost, assess the value, quotation of price
to appraise
to evaluate
estimated cost
assess the value
quotation of price

appraise; authenticate; prove to be genuine; examine and certify; assess the value or quality of
to appraise
to authenticate
prove to be genuine
examine and certify
assess the value or quality of

number, numeral; an arithmetical value, expressed by a word, symbol, or figure
an arithmetical value,
expressed by a word, symbol, or figure

amount, quantity, number; the total of things in number, size, value, or extent
the total of things
in number, size, value, or extent

precious, valuable, of great value, having monetary value, worth a great deal of money
of great value
having monetary value

expensive, costly, valued, high-priced
costly, valued, high-priced

value, uphold, esteem
to value
to uphold
to esteem

to value, think highly of, consider important
to value
think highly of
consider important

devaluate, depreciate, reduce value, status
to devaluate
to depreciate
to reduce value, status

conservative; holding traditional values
holding traditional values

to value; cherish; hold dear; use sparingly
to value
to cherish
hold dear
use sparingly

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