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in a high degree;
emphasizing an extreme point in time or space

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too, great, highest, extremely, very much
very much

very, greatly, very much
very much

great, very, extremely
great, very, extremely

very, extremely; more than before
very, extremely
more than before

very, quite, highly; extremely, passing, bitterly
very, quite, highly
extremely, passing, bitterly

very good
very good

the best; all very fine; all very well
the best
all very fine
all very well

very satisfied, very successful in business
very satisfied
very successful in business

extremely lucky; very fortunate indeed
extremely lucky
very fortunate indeed

try very hard
try very hard

try very hard, risk one's life
try very hard
risk one's life

crazy about; very interested in something
crazy about
very interested in something

overjoyed; very joyful
very joyful

very fast; fast like flying
very fast
fast like flying

perfect match; a couple of the same or very similar
perfect match
a couple of the same or very similar

a very short time
a very short time

instant, moment; a very short time
instant, moment
a very short time

a moment, an instant; a very short time
a moment
an instant
a very short time

exactly, barely, just, very recently
exactly, barely, just, very recently

precious, treasure; very valuable, rare
precious, treasure
very valuable, rare

very enjoyable
very enjoyable

wonderful, magnificent, very pleasant
very pleasant

acme of perfection; very perfection of beauty
acme of perfection
very perfection of beauty

of very high quality; fine and sophisticated
of very high quality
fine and sophisticated

very old
very old

very close; at short range
very close
at short range

huge, gigantic, very large; great, enormous, tremendous
huge, gigantic, very large
great, enormous, tremendous

very great, very large
very great, very large

a very fast horse
a very fast horse

very, fully; finish, settle
very, fully
finish, settle

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