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ambition, aspiration; will, determination, purpose
ambition, aspiration
will, determination, purpose

fighting spirit; will to fight; determination to fight
fighting spirit
will to fight
determination to fight

voluntary, to volunteer; acting of one's own free will
to volunteer
acting of one's own free will

will, mind, intention; thought, sense
will, mind, intention
thought, sense

God's will; will of God; will of Heaven; divine providence
God's will
will of God
will of Heaven
divine providence

good will; good intention; pious intention
good will
good intention
pious intention

at will; arbitrarily; do as one pleases
at will
do as one pleases

volition; willpower; determination; the power to make your own decisions
the power to make your own decisions

wish; desire; volition; inclination

wish, hope, desire; will, to be willing; what one's heart desires
wish, hope, desire
will, to be willing
what one's heart desires

will; willing to; volitient; approve of
willing to
approve of

human heart; public feeling; popular feeling; the will of the people
human heart
public feeling
popular feeling
the will of the people

a will; testament; dying words; last will and testament
a will
dying words
last will and testament

nature laws, heavenly law, ways of heaven, manifestation of God's will
nature laws
heavenly law
ways of heaven
manifestation of God's will

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