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Chinese symbol: true, real, genuine Chinese symbol: love Chinese symbol: peace Chinese symbol: virtue, virtuous; good, goodness Chinese symbol: morality, decency, virtues, kindness Chinese symbol: beauty, beautiful, pretty Chinese symbol: force; strength
Chinese symbol: Fortune, Good Fortune Chinese symbol: forever, eternal, everlasting Chinese symbol: faith, trust, believe Chinese symbol: Righteousness, justice, loyalty Chinese symbol: brave, heroic, courageous Chinese symbol: wit, wise, wisdom Chinese symbol: strong; powerful; vigorous

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Chinese symbol: 強 strong; powerful; vigorous
strong; powerful; vigorous

updated: 2021/03/19

Chinese symbol: 力 force; strength
force; strength

updated: 2021/03/14

Chinese symbol: 美 beauty, beautiful, pretty
beauty, beautiful, pretty

updated: 2021/03/10

Chinese symbol: 真 true, real, genuine
true, real, genuine

updated: 2021/02/19

Chinese symbol: 愛 love

updated: 2021/02/23

Chinese symbol: 智 wit, wise, wisdom
wit, wise, wisdom

updated: 2021/02/16

Chinese symbol: 勇 brave, heroic, courageous
brave, heroic, courageous

updated: 2021/02/13

Chinese symbol: 信 faith, trust, believe
faith, trust, believe

updated: 2021/02/01

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