Traditional and classic Chinese calligraphic symbols, words, idioms and proverbs for your art design. Created by Andres Leo since 2001.

Andres Leo's Translation Service

Your art design inspiration in
classic Chinese words and verses!

Translate your words for art design or tattoo stencil:
Ideas for Kung Fu, Martial art teaching and learning,
Chinese Tattoo, Engraving, Congratulation cards, Epitaph,
Your poetry, blog articles, websites, special messages...

Translated in both Traditional and Simplified Chinese characters to reach a global audience.

You are welcome to ask Andres about the use of Chinese words!
Contact with Andres Leo via e-mail:

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The service fee for each translation request is $10.00

Your translation request will be done
and emailed to you in 1-2 days

You may request different calligraphic styles (see example bellow)
and horizontal or vertical alignments of Chinese characters.

For specific requirement of your translation,
please feel free to contact Andres via email:

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Andres Leo's Translation Service:

Accurate and elegant: Your translator Andres Leo is an established poet, novelist, editor of newspaper and magazine. Educated in Taiwan and the United States graduate schools in science major, his multi-lingual, multi-cultural background will fulfill your translation and any art design project.

He enjoys the translation job while takes it seriously with your art design project.

Feedback from our clients since 2002

(traditional Chinese, 3 calligraphic styles, standard Mandarin)

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