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possessing qualities that give
great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about

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beautiful (1-character)









pretty; beautiful; angelic; glamorous; picturesque

beautiful life; Life is Beautiful
beautiful life
Life is Beautiful.

graceful and pretty; elegant and beautiful
graceful and pretty
elegant and beautiful

beautiful hair
beautiful hair

vividly beautiful; bright and beautiful; splendidly beautiful; magnificently beautiful; glamorously beautiful
vividly beautiful
bright and beautiful
splendidly beautiful
magnificently beautiful
glamorously beautiful

beautiful women; candidates in beauty contest
beautiful women
candidates in beauty contest

saucy; pretty; sexy and pretty; jaunty and pretty
sexy and pretty
jaunty and pretty

splendid and showy; magnificently brilliant; effulgent and beautiful
splendid and showy
magnificently brilliant
effulgent and beautiful

brilliant and beautiful; splendid and beautiful; impressive and beautiful
brilliant and beautiful
splendid and beautiful
impressive and beautiful

beautiful and gorgeous; splendid and resplendent
beautiful and gorgeous
splendid and resplendent

magnificent; surpassingly beautiful; exceptionally beautiful
surpassingly beautiful
exceptionally beautiful

neat and beautiful; graceful and comely
neat and beautiful
graceful and comely

gorgeous and beautiful; voluptuous and beautiful; bright-colored and beautiful
gorgeous and beautiful
voluptuous and beautiful
bright-colored and beautiful

glacial beauty; cold and beautiful; cheerless and glamorous
glacial beauty
cold and beautiful
cheerless and glamorous

pretty and dazzling; charming and seductive; beautiful and voluptuous
pretty and dazzling
charming and seductive
beautiful and voluptuous

gaily colored; brightly colored; vivid and colorful; showy and beautiful
gaily colored
brightly colored
vivid and colorful
showy and beautiful

tender and beautiful; delicate and attractive; charming and gorgeous
tender and beautiful
delicate and attractive
charming and gorgeous

pretty and coquettish; flirtatious and charming; coquettish and beautiful
pretty and coquettish
flirtatious and charming
coquettish and beautiful

delicately pretty; tender and lovely; fragile and beautiful; fascinatingly beautiful
delicately pretty
tender and lovely
fragile and beautiful
fascinatingly beautiful

gentle and pretty; supple and beautiful
gentle and pretty
supple and beautiful

calm and beautiful; tranquil beauty; quiet beauty
calm and beautiful
tranquil beauty
quiet beauty

bodybuilding; healthy and beautiful women
healthy and beautiful (women)

a belle; a beauty; beautiful woman
a belle
a beauty
beautiful woman


good-looking; beautiful face
beautiful face

good looks; pretty face; beautiful looks
good looks
pretty face
beautiful looks

pretty woman; beautiful lady; beautiful woman
pretty woman
beautiful lady
beautiful woman

beautiful lady; maid of honor; lady in traditional Chinese painting
beautiful lady
maid of honor
lady in traditional Chinese painting

pretty; beautiful; good-looking

beautiful sisters; soul sisters
beautiful sisters
soul sisters

variegated butterfly; social butterfly; a socially active and beautiful woman
variegated butterfly
social butterfly
a socially active and beautiful woman

stunning beauty; incomparably beautiful
stunning beauty
incomparably beautiful

lithe and graceful; soft and beautiful; agile and supple
lithe and graceful
soft and beautiful
agile and supple

beautiful; pretty; good-looking - said of females
(said of females)

graceful demeanor; ethereal and beautiful; charming and pretty
graceful demeanor
ethereal and beautiful
charming and pretty
(classic literary writing)

beautiful image of a woman; attractive sight of a woman; silhouette of a pretty woman
beautiful image of a woman
attractive sight of a woman
silhouette of a pretty woman

graceful and pretty; elegant and beautiful; beautiful handwriting
graceful and pretty
elegant and beautiful
beautiful handwriting

ethereal beauty; exquisitely beautiful
ethereal beauty
exquisitely beautiful

fairyland; wonderland; beautiful place; imagined ideal place; imaginary home of fairies
beautiful place
imagined ideal place
imaginary home of fairies

nice and good; fair and exquisite; fine and beautiful; happy and glorious
nice and good
fair and exquisite
fine and beautiful
happy and glorious

fond dream; beautiful dream
fond dream
beautiful dream

a dream comes true; realize a beautiful dream
a dream comes true
realize a beautiful dream

beautiful and romantic dream
beautiful and romantic dream

sad and beautiful; touching and beautiful
sad and beautiful
touching and beautiful

lingering; moving romance; touching sentiment; bound up with affection; beautiful relations between lovers
moving romance
touching sentiment
bound up with affection
beautiful relations between lovers

lovely night; beautiful night; enjoyable night
lovely night
beautiful night
enjoyable night

glorious youth; wonderful life; beautiful springtime; time to remember
glorious youth
wonderful life
beautiful springtime
time to remember

exquisite; fine and delicate; delicate and beautiful; clever and nimble; bright and intelligent
fine and delicate
delicate and beautiful
clever and nimble
bright and intelligent

pure heart; graceful mind; beautiful heart of woman
pure heart
graceful mind
beautiful heart of woman

outstanding; remarkable; pre-eminent; stunningly beautiful
stunningly beautiful

exquisite; dedicate and beautiful
dedicate and beautiful

true, good, and beautiful; truth, goodness, and beauty
true, good, and beautiful
truth, goodness, and beauty

perfectly satisfactory; acme of perfection; very perfection of beauty; best of all possible worlds; good and beautiful perfectly
perfectly satisfactory
acme of perfection
very perfection of beauty
best of all possible worlds
good and beautiful perfectly

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