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attractive in a delicate way

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pretty (1-character Chinese symbols)




graceful and pretty; elegant and beautiful
graceful and pretty
elegant and beautiful

saucy; pretty; sexy and pretty; jaunty and pretty
sexy and pretty
jaunty and pretty
attractively lively

pretty; beautiful; angelic; glamorous; picturesque

pretty and dazzling; charming and seductive; beautiful and voluptuous
pretty and dazzling
charming and seductive
beautiful and voluptuous

gentle and pretty; supple and beautiful
gentle and pretty
supple and beautiful

delicate and pretty; refined and graceful
delicate and pretty
refined and graceful

graceful and pretty; elegant and beautiful
graceful and pretty
elegant and beautiful

good looks; pretty face; beautiful looks
good looks
pretty face
beautiful looks

delicately pretty; tender and lovely; fragile and beautiful; fascinatingly beautiful
delicately pretty
tender and lovely
fragile and beautiful
fascinatingly beautiful

sweet and charming; pretty and coquettish; lovely and enchanting
sweet and charming
pretty and coquettish
lovely and enchanting

pretty wife; lovely wife; beloved wife; charming wife
pretty wife
lovely wife
beloved wife
charming wife

pretty and coquettish; flirtatious and charming; coquettish and beautiful
pretty and coquettish
flirtatious and charming
coquettish and beautiful

feminine; scent of a woman; appearance traditionally associated with women, especially delicacy and prettiness
scent of a woman
appearance traditionally associated with women,
especially delicacy and prettiness

prettiness; loveliness; woman's beauty; beauty of a woman
woman's beauty
beauty of a woman

beautiful image of a woman; attractive sight of a woman; silhouette of a pretty woman
beautiful image of a woman
attractive sight of a woman
silhouette of a pretty woman

pretty; beautiful; good-looking

beautiful; pretty; good-looking - said of females
(said of females)

exquisite and delicate; delicately small and pretty
exquisite and delicate
delicately small and pretty

graceful demeanor; charming and pretty; ethereal and beautiful
graceful demeanor
charming and pretty
ethereal and beautiful

sylphlike; fair and graceful; pretty and graceful; slender and graceful
fair and graceful
pretty and graceful
slender and graceful

pretty and charming; charming and elegant; attractive and intelligent; handsome and attractive
pretty and charming
charming and elegant
attractive and intelligent
handsome and attractive

rakish; smart and witty; pretty and playful; dashing and jaunty; lively and delightful
smart and witty
pretty and playful
dashing and jaunty
lively and delightful

cute; adorable; sweet and pretty
sweet and pretty

a beauty; pretty woman; beautiful lady; beautiful woman
a beauty
pretty woman
beautiful lady
beautiful woman

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