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(multi-character Chinese words)

make or become different;
to exchange one thing for another thing

change (see 1-character Chinese symbols)

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alter; change; transform
to alter
to change
to transform

mutation; saltation; sudden change; change suddenly
sudden change
change suddenly

metamorphosis; to molt; transmute
to molt
to transmute

to evolve; develop and change; evolutionary changes
to evolve
develop and change
evolutionary changes

prepare oneself to changes; adapt oneself to crisis; cope with a contingency
prepare oneself to changes
adapt oneself to crisis
cope with a contingency

to change; convert; transform
to change
to convert
to transform

sublime, sublimate, sublimation; a solid substance changing directly into vapor when heated
sublime, sublimate, sublimation
a solid substance changing
directly into vapor when heated

I-Ching; Book of Changes
Book of Changes

change; variation; transmute

protean; change irregularly; fluctuate irregularly; metamorphose
change irregularly
fluctuate irregularly

unchanged; unaltered; invariable; not changed
not changed

infection; to infect, to influence; affect or change how someone behaves or thinks
to infect
to influence
affect or change how
someone behaves or thinks

reform; transform; reconstruct; make changes in order to improve it
to reform
to transform
to reconstruct
make changes in order to improve it

mend one's ways; repent and reform
mend one's ways
repent and reform

to regenerate; start life anew; have a new life; rehabilitation
to regenerate
start life anew
have a new life

reverse; turnaround; change a trend; unexpected change; reverse the trend of events
to reverse
change a trend
unexpected change
reverse the trend of events

reverse the situation; change for the better
reverse the situation
change for the better

change hands; pass to a different owner; take turns while driving the car
change hands
pass to a different owner
take turns
(while driving the car)

to replace; substitute; to use something or someone instead of another thing or person
to replace
to substitute
to use something or someone
instead of another thing or person


innovate, innovation; reform, reformation
innovate, innovation
reform, reformation

reform; improve oneself; proceed to the virtue; change for the better
improve oneself
proceed to the virtue
change for the better

trend; fashion; tendency; tidal current
tidal current

wind and clouds; unexpected situation; unpredictable changes
wind and clouds
unexpected situation
unpredictable changes

life is impermanence; impermanence of life
life is impermanence
impermanence of life

move house; change dwelling place
move house
change dwelling place

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