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change (1-character)

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change (Chinese words)

alter, change; to correct, mend one's ways; rectify, revise; switch over
to alter, change
to correct
mend one's ways
rectify, revise
switch over

change; alter, convert, transform; shift, turn, become
to alter, convert, transform
to shift, turn, become

change, exchange; shift, swap, trade
to change, exchange
to shift, swap, trade

to change; exchange
to change
to exchange

I-Ching; Book of Changes
Book of Changes

to change; transform
to change
to transform

to change; replace with
to change
replace with

to change; eliminate, remove
to change
to eliminate, remove

to move; touch; to alter, change; alter a part
to move
to touch
to alter, change
alter a part

move, shift; remove, change
to move, shift
to remove, change

to change
to change

move, migrate; change, transfer
to move, migrate
to change, transfer

to migrate; move one's abode; change one's residence
to migrate
move one's abode
change one's residence

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