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the visible shape or configuration of something;

a particular way in which a thing exists or appears;

a paper with spaces in which questions can be written

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form, shape; figure, appearance
form, shape
figure, appearance

to form; become; take shape; come into being; make something begin to exist
to form
to become
take shape
come into being
make something begin to exist

epochal, epoch-making, forming an epoch, characterizing an epoch
forming an epoch
characterizing an epoch

type, form, mode, model; pattern, example, system; style, fashion, ceremony
type, form, mode, model
pattern, example, system
style, fashion, ceremony

form, shape; state, condition; appearance
form, shape
state, condition

form, condition; state, status, situation
form, condition
state, status, situation

to form, fabricate, make up, make, construct, compose
to form, fabricate, make up
to make, construct, compose

mold, standard; form, pattern, module, model
mold, standard
form, pattern, module, model

to mold, to mould, to shape, form out of malleable material
to mold
to mould
to shape
form out of malleable material

to form, congeal, to end, conclude
to form, congeal
to end, conclude

to form, organize
to form, organize

a form, list, table
a form, list, table

fill up, fill in a form
fill up
fill in a form

an edition; a version
an edition
a version

classic, classical, exemplary standard within a traditional form
exemplary standard within a traditional form

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