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a man, fellow

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a fellow, a guy
a fellow, a guy

nice guy; good man; good fellow; good people; decent people
nice guy
good man
good fellow
good people
decent people

villain; bad guy; wicked person
bad guy
wicked person

big bad guy; chief monster
big bad guy
chief monster

tough guy; brave man; doughty warrior
tough guy
brave man
doughty warrior

tough guy; strong man
tough guy
strong man

tough guy, unyielding integrity, staunch and steadfast
tough guy
unyielding integrity
staunch and steadfast

cool guy
cool guy

handsome boy; handsome guy; good-looking young man
handsome boy
handsome guy
good-looking young man

mascot, lucky guy, lucky star
lucky guy
lucky star

lucky guy, lucky fellow
lucky guy
lucky fellow

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