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become fully aware of a fact;

cause to happen

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realize (1-character)

aware (Chinese words)

cause (Chinese words)

happen (Chinese words)

awakening, come to realize, rouse from ignorance, wake up to something
come to realize
rouse from ignorance
wake up to something

comprehension; power of comprehension; capacity for understanding
power of comprehension
capacity for understanding

enlightenment; awaken of Tao; realize the truth
awaken of Tao
realize the truth

gradual enlightenment; realize the Zen gradually
gradual enlightenment
realize the Zen gradually

realize completely; apprehend thoroughly; understand completely; supreme enlightenment
realize completely
apprehend thoroughly
understand completely
supreme enlightenment

to realize, wake up to reality, understand clearly, come to oneself
to realize
wake up to reality
understand clearly
come to oneself

comprehend, grasp mentally, come to realize, understand thoroughly
grasp mentally
come to realize
understand thoroughly

realize, conscious, consciousness, sense, feeling, awakening
to realize
sense, feeling, awakening

to realize; achieve; come true; live a dream; realize a dream
to realize
to achieve
come true
live a dream
realize a dream

realize a dream; The dream comes true; make dreams come true
realize a dream
The dream comes true.
make dreams come true

dreams come true; realize a dream
dreams come true
realize a dream

all the wishes come true; all dreams become realized
all the wishes come true
all dreams become realized

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