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Chinese words for
Man, Male, Father, Boy, Borther

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man, male; human male
man, male
human male

man, men; grown man
man, men
grown man

male companion
male companion


manly man; real man; brave man
manly man
real man
brave man

son; man

man; husband; male adult
male adult


fiancé, husband-to-be

iron-willed fellow; man of firm principle; strong determined person
iron-willed fellow
man of firm principle
strong determined person

he, him
he, him

young man, a beau, boyfriend, male admirer
young man, a beau
boyfriend, male admirer

husband; boyfriend; beloved man; male admirer
beloved man
male admirer

bridegroom; a man on his wedding day
a man on his wedding day

a gentleman; man of virtue; man of integrity; man of noble character; perfect and true gentleman
a gentleman
man of virtue
man of integrity
man of noble character
perfect and true gentleman

man of honor; decent gentleman
man of honor
decent gentleman

great man; great personage
great man
great personage

gentleman; chivalrous man
chivalrous man

tough guy; brave man; doughty warrior; courageous man
tough guy
brave man
doughty warrior
courageous man

tough guy; strong man; masculine man; man of fortitude; dauntless and unyielding man
tough guy
strong man
masculine man
man of fortitude
dauntless and unyielding man

brave man; heroic man; man of stout heart
brave man
heroic man
man of stout heart

handsome boy; handsome guy; good-looking young man
handsome boy
handsome guy
good-looking young man

attaboy; son of gun; young gun; an informal expression of encouragement to a man or boy
son of gun
young gun
an informal expression of
encouragement to a man or boy

gay; homosexual man
homosexual man

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