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Chinese words for
Love, Passion, Affection, Sentiment

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old romance, past love affair
old romance
past love affair

past indelible love, unforgettable old love, bygone love is everlasting
past indelible love
unforgettable old love
bygone love is everlasting

unfinished love, incomplete romantic
unfinished love
incomplete romantic

endless love, unfinished love, Love Without End, never-ending love
endless love
unfinished love
Love Without End
never-ending love

love grows over time, familiarity breeds fondness
love grows over time
familiarity breeds fondness

mutual sentiments, consensually fond of, resonance between two lovers, sentiments between two lovers, deeply attached to each other
mutual sentiments
consensually fond of
resonance between two lovers
sentiments between two lovers
deeply attached to each other

great tenderness between lovers, strong feelings and sweet sentiment
great tenderness between lovers
strong feelings and sweet sentiment

devoted for love, falling deeply in love, passionately devoted, love someone all the way
devoted for love
falling deeply in love
passionately devoted
love someone all the way

kind, loving, benevolent, affectionate love, loving kindness, motherliness, one's mother

kind, loving
affectionate love
loving kindness
motherliness, one's mother

mercy, clemency, compassionate

loving mother
loving mother

charity, beneficence, philanthropy

wish for love, expecting spring breeze
wish for love
expecting spring breeze

a pair of lovebirds, inseparable king bird, two lovebirds flying ever together
a pair of lovebirds
inseparable king bird
two lovebirds flying ever together

fly afar together, fly wing to wing
fly afar together
fly wing to wing

Hearts united together forever, May you always Be of one heart, Keep true lover's knot forever
Hearts united together forever.
May you always Be of one heart.
Keep true lover's knot forever.

God's lovers, an ideal couple, a wonderful match, lovers matched by God
God's lovers
an ideal couple
a wonderful match
lovers matched by God

this lifetime, this present life, this present life for eternal love
this lifetime
this present life
this present life for eternal love

bill and coo, you and I in deep love, a lovey-dovey couple
to bill and coo
you and I in deep love
a lovey-dovey couple

lovers' talk, bill and coo, whispers of love, very much in love, talk in a sentimental way
lovers' talk
bill and coo
whispers of love
very much in love
talk in a sentimental way

lovers forever, everlasting and unchanging
lovers forever
everlasting and unchanging

always the same, love with one heart, one heart throughout
always the same
love with one heart
one heart throughout

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